Koukuttelua puisella Kipukoukulla

Painhook helps with

  • Migraine
  • Headache
  • Shoulder tension
  • Pain between shoulder blades
  • Pain in back and upper arms
  • Sciatica problems
  • Buttock and thigh muscle pain
  • Sole relaxation
  • Head turning
  • Lifting your arms up
  • Blood and lymph circulation

Why Painhook is so good

Kipukoukku poistaa kipua

Eliminates pain

Pain is not a part of your body. Painhook has helped over a hundred thousand Finns to get rid of their pains. Without pain you can be free.


When you’re relaxed; you feel, focus and you work better. Hooking improves lymph and blood circulation and stretches muscles.

Reduces stress

When you’re feeling good and relaxed your body and mind works better. When you work more efficiently it reduces stress.

Helps to recover

Athletes are using hook for recovering from their sport performances and for muscle repair. Using hook speed ups recovery and prevents muscle pain.

Kipukoukkua voit käyttää itse ilman ulkopuolista apua

You can use it yourself

One of the best things is that you can do everything by yourself. Now you don’t have to pay for expensive treatment for something you can now do by yourself

Kipukoukku toimii aina ja kaikkialla

Works anytime and anywhere

You can take the hook with you anytime and anywhere. Lot of customers keeps the hook with them when they are traveling

New Painhook PRO

Takes Painhook to a whole new level.

Kipukoukku PRO lapa

Better design


New lock joint

Kipukoukku PRO nivelruuvi

430% stronger screw joint

Isompi kaari

Longer curved handle

Painhook PRO kipukoukku
Koukun varren parempi pito

Better grip

Kipukoukku PRO miellyttävä ote

Pleasant hold


Massage spike


Little hook

5 years of product development, countless repairs, improvements, innovations and reformations. To sum it up, we rebuild Painhook with all the know-how that has build up and accumulated during the years.

The result is much better than before.
You see, notice and feel it.
Painhook has never been this good.

Kipukoukku PRO isompi lapa

Larger and more reachable blade

The size of the blade has been raised. This improves the reach and usability of the hook. The hook reaches easier and through the wider area than before. Including places that were difficult to access previously. The greater dimension was the customer's most requested reform. In PRO model this much requested hope is now reality.

Kipukoukku PRO parannettu muoto

Improved shape of the blade

With the new Hook it´s even easier to reach further. This is influenced by the increased size of the hook, but also because of the better shaped blade. With the blade´s new shape, the corners of the hook are more straightforward and take less space from the inside of the blade. The user has more space to control the hook and it reaches further.

Kipukoukku PRO lukkonivel

New lock joint

One of the biggest problems in the old model was the loosening of the joint with the use. This may lead to blades flip over and to made hook unusable. We developed a whole new kind of joint that completely eliminates this flip over problem. Even though the joints are not so visible, it is one of the most important parts of the hook. The PRO model lock joint ensures that Hook works smoothly now and in the future.

Kipukoukku PRO nivelruuvi

430% stronger screw joint

When hooking, high pressure will focus to the pivoting arm between the blade and the handle. This could lead over time to the bending or breaking of the screw joint. PRO model has a completely new screw joint that is 430% stronger than the one used previously. A stronger screw will bring the much-needed hardness to the character of the hook.

Kipukoukku PRO kaareva varsi

Longer curved handle

The new handle is significantly longer than the old one, which means a better dimension. In addition to the length, the shape of the arm has become curved, which enhances ergonomics, comfort and further dimension. The curved shape leaves more space between the hook and the user. In particular, this benefits for the bigger size hook users.

Better grip

There was not really any kind of grip features in the old hook. This caused problems especially for older and people suffering from illness. The problem has now been corrected in two ways. Depending on the model, in handle there is now a cover with a very good grip. In addition, the little hook acts as an excellent support point for the lower hand.

Pleasant hold

Hooks usage and hold has been developed with special attention. The handle is covered with a soft and with better hold giving grip (Special and Custom versions). The arm is more circular and ergonomically shaped for the first time. Now the hook sits on your hand far more naturally and comfortably.

Kipukoukku PRO hierontapiikki

Massage spike

At the bottom of the little hook there is Intentionally created a bit spiny point. We call this massage spike. It is a good idea to put some painful points on the thigh, for example. Massage spike offers one more excellent extra feature for treating sore muscles.

Little hook

A lower massage hook is placed at the bottom of the handle. This is primarily designed for the massage of smaller muscles, where the big hook has been too clumsy. The feet, the muscles of the arm, and the thighs in the other are excellent points for the little hook. The little hook also acts as a support for a lower hand. This idea originally came from a rheumatoid client who had difficulty of pressing the hooks handle. And just to be able hold the handle. The little hook offers the best possible solution for this.

New Painhook PRO numbers


There is more than 150 000 happy Painhook customers.


5 years of product development has been invested.


15 improvements and innovations in new Painhook PRO.


18 handmade production steps. Painhook PRO is masterpiece of Finnish handicrafts.


This is how you treat with the Painhook

Lapaluun seutu

1. Shoulder blade area

Take hold of the hook's handle with both hands and place the hook over your shoulder. Place the end of the hook next to your shoulder blade. Start pressing your back and stretching your muscle. Move the end of the hook upwards, downwards or to the side a few centimeters at a time. When you find a sore spot, you'll reach the best results when you pull downwards and push the handle outwards as the arrows in the picture demonstrate. Press the muscle continuously for 10 -30 seconds until the pain eases. You can also roll your shoulder while keeping the end of the hook on the muscle. This relaxes muscles after you have just applied pressure on them.

2. Trapezius muscle

When you work on your trapezius muscle, your upper hand does the work by pressing the muscle in a pumping motion as you go along bit by bit. This gives your muscle more elasticity and your energies will start to flow. You'll also be better able to move your head around. You can work through your entire neck by turning the handle of the hook sidewards.
Kallonpohja ja niska

3. The base of the skull and neck

Look at the picture for the correct position of the hands. Place the end of the hook against the base of the skull where the neck muscles attach to the skull and rotate the hook using light, revolving moves. This helps accelerate your blood circulation around the head area. Headache, dizziness etc. is relieved when the brain receives more oxygen. At the same time, you are treating the acupuncture points of your eyes at the base of your skull.

4. Neck

Place the hook in a "rolling" position and use the grip shown in the picture. Roll the round part of the hook against your neck using agreeable pressure. Change the spot every now and then.

5. Chect muscle

This same "rolling" position can be used to treat the neck and under the clavicle, often a very tight muscle group, the chest muscles. The diaphragm, the abdominal region, the thigh and calf muscles can be treated same way.

6. Shoulder area

Make the muscles found behind your shoulder supple with the PainHook. Grab the hook's hinge pin with the hand you wish to attend to. Place the hook behind your shoulder and press downwards with the handle. Feel the force move from the front to the back. Press away your pain with the PainHook. You'll be able to move and raise your hand better.

7. Back

You can easily massage your entire back area with the PainHook. Press and pull the handle towards yourself as in the picture or grab the hook's blade and rotate the end of the hook on the sore spot.
iskias ja pakarat

8. Sciatica and buttocks

Use the hook as shown in the picture to reach the deep muscles on your backside. Press intensely. In this area, use both hands to move the hook according to what feels best. You can also use this grip to work on your back muscles and feet muscles as well as the points where muscles attach to the bone. By placing the hook under your armpit you can relieve the tension of your long back muscles, shoulder blade muscles and shoulder muscles.

9. Thighs and calves

You can use the hook to relax your thighs and calves. Close the hook around your thigh as shown in the picture. The handle should be placed between your legs. Rotate in a figure eight pattern with a loose grip to massage your muscles. Place the end of the hook on top of the handle or keep the hook somewhat open, depending on the size of your thigh. The most important thing is to be able to grasp the end of the hook and the handle at the same time.

10. Soles

The PainHook can even be used while watching television, especially when doing "reflex zone therapy", in other words, when working on the sore spots of your soles. Press the sore spots gently with the hook as shown in the picture. You can also try pressing your heel against the floor. You can use big or small hook for treatment. With the smaller hook you can massage more precisely different sore spots of your soles.
  • My first patient was my wife, who had a lot of neck and shoulder pains and really bad tensions on her neck and shoulder area. With this hook she got rid of her pains! The results from using PainHook were surprisingly good.
    Erkki J. Valtonen
    MD, PhD, professor, specialist in physical medicine.
    Former Head of the Departmenrt of Physical Medicine, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland.
  • Outcome of purchasing hook is amazing and in my case unbelievable. Discomfort which I thought would last forever, was gone after few nights using the Painhook virtually unnoticed while watching TV. After that I haven’t taken any painkillers.
    Vilho Pääkkönen
  • A couple of years of experience I can warmly recommend hook to everyone who suffers from neck, shoulder and back pains. Painhook releases effectively muscle tensions and eases pain quickly.
    Jeanette Österlund-Torpo

The best hook of all time is here

More features. More than 10 improvements and innovations.
Larger, more durable, better grip and ergonomy.

  • Worldwide delivery
  • Product warranty
  • Best and latest model
  • Always lowest price
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Original product

10 good reasons to order from us

Painhook Satisfaction Quarantee

Satisfaction Quarantee

We guarantee that Painhook works. If you aren't satisfied after trying, you can return Hook and get your money back. Satisfaction Quarantee only from us.

Painhook Lowest Price Guarantee

Price Guarantee

Original Painhooks from us and always the best price. Guaranteed. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we will return the difference. Price Guarantee only from us.

100% Original Painhook

Original Painhook

All our hooks are original Painhooks. Gently handmade in Finland. To ensure authenticity, each hook has certificate of authenticity and unique serial number.

Painhook Extented Product Warranty

Extented Warranty

If the Painhook could get broken in normal use, you will get a new one from us. Extended warranty for up to 10 years, but only for the Hooks purchased from us.

Painhook Custom Hook

Customize Your Hook

Why just have the ordinary? Order customized and personalized Hook for yourself or as a gift. Choose the hook and the product box colors, texts and even images / logos.

Largest Painhook Color Selection

Largest Color Selection

As original manufacturer, we have the largest Painhook color selection in the world. Choose your favorit and enjoy your personal Hook.

Painhook Best Model

Always Best Model

As manufacturer we are constantly making our products better. By ordering from us, you can be sure to get latest and best version.

Gift Idea Painhook

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping available. As well as greeting card with a personal note. Customized and personalized Hooks are highly wanted gifts.

Painhook Easy Safe Payment

Easy Safe Payment

We offer safe and easy payment options for international customers: credit cards, PayPal and wire transfer are all welcome.

Painhook Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Delivery

We can deliver anywhere in the world, without exceptions. Optional tracking and express delivery available.

Painhook PRO colors

Kipukoukku PRO Basic colors


Painhook is a company that manufactures in Finland genuine and original hook-shaped muscle treatment equipment. Treating the whole body´s pain, sore muscles, relaxing alternately pressing and recovery from sport activities.

Painhook PRO is the latest and most developed collection of the hooks, that we now manufacture.
PRO is the hook you want when you're looking for the best. Even if you have some older version in use, PRO takes the hooking totally to the next level.
The PRO model is available in three different versions:

- Basic - normal basic odel
- Special Edition - a weekly changing special edition
- Custom - customized and manufactured according to the customer´s hopes

You can find out more about the PRO model and its three different versions here.

Effectiveness of the Painhook is not based on classical Scandinavian massage, but on alternately pressing method which is used for massaging in the Far East and in Turkey for example. In alternately pressing massagist presses the muscles with their thumb, and moving it in between of the presses in the adjacent spot in the muscle. It has been found to be even more effective than regular massage, and it can even treat inflamed muscles. The alternate pressing method releases our blood circulation in the muscle, and puts our metabolic waste in motion. The muscle receives the oxygen better and the body cleansing. Drinking plenty of water helps our body to get rid of the toxics. The head of the pain hook imitates the thumb of the massagist, giving the same effect just at your home. When finding a sore spot, press the same point continuously for approximately 10-30 seconds. As the tense muscle relaxes, blood circulation is increased and you feel a warm sensation. As our body is put into a positive spin, it begins to heal its ailments on its own.

There is over 150 000 hooks sold in Finland. Painhook is a very common sight in homes and workplaces.

There is many references and happy users. among both, professionals and ordinary users. See the Users section for more details.

You can use Painhook anywhere and anytime. At home, at work, when travelling, while watching TV...

This is exactly one of the Hooks most addictive features. It can be used alone without any external assistance or help. At the same time, you can do other things, so hooking does not take even seperated or extra time.

Think if you could always get to the massagist right away when you feel muscle pain. The Painhook offers you exactly this, but immediately without any delay and without any expenses of massagist visit.

Instuctions you can find here.

Painhook works with hundreds of thousands satisfied users. And as probably with you too. Hooks good results and effectiveness is also seen that often those who have bought a Painhook order more hooks just a little bit later: for their colleagues, family members, friends, etc. Once you get rid of the pains easily, quickly and cheaply, you want the same thing likewise for your close people later. When you buy the Painhook from us, it also has a unique 100% functionality guarantee. If the sook does not work for you, you can return it and get your money back. You can make an order completely risk free.

Guarantee varies according tho the version that you have and from five years to five years.
See more details here.

Yes, the hooks we sell are genuine and original Painhooks. In each of our sales we have a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number to ensure its authenticity.

We are the original manufacturer of Painhooks, who have been producing genuine Painhooks in Finland for many years by working with Finnish wood.

On the market there may be moving whatsoever stick or paddy, made in nowhere, sometime even all the way from China. Buy only a hook with a manufacturers labeling Kipukoukku/Painhook.

Because we are manufacturing now the new PRO model, you should also make sure that you are buying this, the latest and the best PRO model, and some not-so-good version.

One good way to quickly find out about an original manufacturer is to think about who is able to make customized versions of the hook, to constantly bring new better models/versions/colors to the market, and generally just to make product development. Parties that do not have their own manufacturing or product development are generally third parties who sell the products manufactured by others.

There are 54 different colors/color combinations available at the moment, and the number is increasing constantly.

What colors can be chosen depends on the product version to be purchased.
Basic (standard model) is traditionally available in birch color.
Special Edition limiten edition items colors vary weekly.
Custom versions (customized) color can be freely choose from all the available color combinations, which are currently 54 and the number is increasing all the time.

You can see all the colors here.

You can order the hook easily from here.

Payment methods are invoice, prepayment, credit card (via PayPal) and PayPal payment.

If your credit informations are in order and you´re ordering to the official home address, we will give you credit for 30 days.

If you have payment default marks or you order to other than your official home address, you can pay the order with a prepayment, credit card or using the PayPal account.

Yes. Gift orders can be delivered directly to the gift recipient anywhere in the world.

If the hook becomes as a gift, we strongly recommend the Custom version. Custom means that we prepare a hook as ordered with the desired color, and with engraved name or message. This message will come into the hook itself and also into stylish wooden product box. Message can be for example gift´s receivers name or other desired text.

Learn more about the Custom version here.

Delivery to Europe usually takes about a week. To the rest of the world a little longer.

Shipping cost depends on shipping destination. EU-countries and shipping locations outside EU have different shipping cost. You can see exact shipping cost on order form.
If you are in a hurry, you can order the hook as a express delivery, so we use fast freight companies
You can see the express delivery fee on the order form.
Yes. We deliver all over the world and delivery is free.
At this moment, there is no place in the world where we would not deliver.

Single Painhooks are delivered in large envelopes (maxiletter) and its packaged in cardboard box.

Individual hooks do not have a tracking code because they are sent as large letters. Letter mail is not followed with tracking codes.

We work through an online store and we do not have a pickup point.

If you need help with ordering, please contact us. We are glad to help you.

No worries, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.

Thats a pity. Please contact us when the delivery confirmation has expired 7 working days ago. Almost all packages arrive in this time. We're going to figure out where the package might be.

This new PRO model hook has never got broken. When measuring tensile strength, the PRO model has been over four times stronger than the older model. But if such a miracle could happens to you, take a picture of your broken product and send it to us.

If it´s over 7 business days from the order confirmation and no product has arrived, please contact our customer service. We're going to look for the lost sheep. Shipments are lost very rarely, but it is not completely unusual.

The post will deliver the package until it reaches the mailbox. If the packet is too big, you will have a notification "You have received an large size letter of mail" and the package can be picked up at the local/closest post office.

NOTE: There is some differences and variations in procedure depending on the destination county.
Normally Post keeps incoming deliveries for one 1 or 2 weeks. If you do not pick up the shipment within that time, Post will return it to the sender. If the package returned to us, please contact our customer service.

NOTE: Storing time vary by the destination country

You can cancel your order if the hook has not been sent yet. Contact us immediately.

Please contact our customer service.

We are sorry. Sometimes human mistakes happen. Please contact our customer service to handle this issue.

You don´t need to registered the hook separately if you bought it from this page. The Painhook is automatically registered in your customer information when you ordered it.

Check out the instructions here.

No worries, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.

Please contact us through the contact page.

Please leave a call request to our customer service.
Also include your email address. Often we can respond faster electronically.

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It depends on who is asking... If you feel that you have something to give, please contact us through the contact page.

Please contact us through the contact page in writing. Describe your case briefly so we know what it is about.

Great, let´s do it. Contact us.

Great, let´s do it. Contact us.

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Great. Contact us.

  • Best and newest model
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Warranty
  • Lowest price
  • Original product